The most important information you are looking for is: “What can I await here?” This is Mario’s photo-blog, where I want to show you some of my best shots taken in the last years. I tried to create a homepage by myself several times but at the end time was always running too fast to reach my homepage aims.  And due to tons of pictures with no more copyright protection in the well known social network communities I want to avoid publishing everything there. When I discovered how easy it is to work with WordPress, the new idea was born to create a kind of photo-blog. I hope you are going to enjoy my pictures and I’am looking forward to your feedback.

As a short remark at the end, please respect that any kind of commercial or non-authorized use of my pictures is not allowed.

Relaxing View

Perfect weather in spring with great contrast and intensive colors allowed me to take this romantic nature picture from the Bodensee at the Pfänder. It’s actually a crop from a bigger panaroma and several stitched single shots. Highlights in the clouds are already eroded and HDR would have been the better choice but I like it anyway.


Abandoned Industry

Almost 5 years ago, friends and me explored an abandoned industrial area, somewhere in East Germany close to Brandenburg and I always wanted to blog these pictures but never found time for it until now! If you walk through this complex (it still exists!), it feels like looking back into a more enjoyable time for the people than today.
It’s another high dynamic range image with surrealistic post processing and corrected perspective which steals a little bit the drama from an ultra wide angle view.


There are two other HDRs and two normal ones. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more about the history of this place and the purpose of the factory but it was really an exciting photo tour.

Winter Wonderland

The Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Germany. People come from all over the world but especially from Asia to see this beautiful castle although the historical story behind is much less romantic than the castle looks like. Almost two years ago, I could take this winter impression. It appears to me like a miniature winter wonderland because its actually a stitch consisting of 6 single pictures and gives you a somehow surreal perspective.


Mini Light Painting

Recently, I tried light painting for my car pictures with a “mini” torch light. The advantage of light painting is that you can highlight the shape and increase the illumination of a dark object in a brighter background. Basically, you just have to take at least two pictures, one normal picture and another one with the additional light, where you need to delete yourself in the scene via picture editing software later on. The difficulty is to illuminate the car with the right amount of light during long time exposure. In my first pictue, you can easily see that I extended the additional light to the surrounding of the car. The last picture shows a thin but long reflex on the car finish. Professionals use softboxes or a mobile fluorescent lamp to create smoother reflexes.

The Mustang

The right car for a round trip of the Grand Canyon is a Mustang, which is probably the most famous american muscle car ever. We could try the Mustang V second version and loved it. Alone the 5.0 liter engine lets every car enthusiast smile for the lovely V8 sound and the 420 horsepower which makes driving so much exciting but also comfortable – if you want.